Michigan Laws

New Michigan Bill Could Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving
Distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents and cell phone use definitely falls in that category. You're always seeing billboards and PSA's for not texting while driving and a potential bill in Michigan could take it to the next level...
It Could Soon Be Easier To Own A Pistol in Michigan
If one lawmaker has his way, it may soon be easier and cheaper to own a pistol in the state of Michigan.
Currently, if you want to own, carry or transport a pistol in the “Mitten” state, you have to apply for a license and you can be charged a $250 fine if you’re caught with a pisto…
It’s ALMOST Legal to Swear in Public in Michigan Now
The Michigan Senate gave final passage Wednesday to a package of bills that repeals more than 80 antiquated laws, moving the issue to Gov. Rick Snyder for his signature. The laws include one about swearing in public, one about mocking someone who doesn't accept a duel, and on about how "Th…
Price Stickers on Grocery Items Going Away
It's Labor Day weekend.  A nice 3-day holiday for many.  School will start, or has started for some.  We all now that change is in the air, especially here in Michigan.  Have you noticed a slight change at the grocery store?