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Is Michael Jackson Still the King of Pop?
Today marks the fifth anniversary of the tragic death of Michael Jackson.
But now, half a decade after the world lost one of the most popular entertainers in history, is it still fair to call Jackson "the King of Pop?"
Billie Jean Played On Beer Bottles
Earlier today, I was walking toward the office of an employee.  As I was just a few feet from his office, I heard some sort of (what I call) "snake charmer" music.  As I walked in and gave him a strange look, he said "it's Billie Jean on bottles...
Michael Jackson ‘Xscape’ Details Released
Epic is releasing 'Xscape,' a new album from Michael Jackson, featuring what the label calls "contemporized" versions of songs the King of Pop was working on before he passed away in 2009. The track list for the standard version has been posted.

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