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Martha Stewart is Really Excited About this Coconut
I will never be as excited about anything as Martha Stewart is about this coconut.
She took to Instagram on Thursday to show us a bunch of pictures of her beloved coconut and tell us all sorts of great things about it. Seriously.
Macy’s New Commercial has Big Name Stars (video)
Here is my "video-of-the-day."
I caught this on TV the other day and thought I had to share it in case you miss it.
It's the new Macy's TV commercial.  No, I'm not shilling for Macy's, but it is a lot of fun with all of the "big name" stars …
Inside Martha Stewart’s Laundry Room
Martha Stewart's blog has become quite the guilty pleasure for voyeuristic Martha fans -- and real estate junkies. Martha doesn't hold back with the photos from her multiple estates, and in her latest photo gallery featuring her laundry room, she does not disappoint.