Michigan Tightens Rules On Vaccinations
Starting Jan. 1, the Michigan Department of Community Health will have more rules going into effect that will make it harder for parents to refuse immunizing their children.
Are You a Morning Person, or a Night Owl?
I have been doing morning radio for a long time, 32 years as a matter of fact.  THAT'S a long time, WOW!
When I first began back in 1980, seems like centuries ago, I wasn't a morning person.  I really wondered if I had made a mistake, would I be able to keep it up or would it fina…
Surprising Health Benefits Of Being In Love
Recently a married friend of mine said, "You know Kim, you really are a lot luckier not being married.  You're better off.  It's easier going through life not having to worry and consider another person."
I think that all depends.  I have always said, &q…
5 NEW Early Warning Signs For Dementia!
When you think early warning signs for dementia most likely memory loss and forgetfulness are at the top of the list!  But there are other signs that are even more striking and may be a bit easier to spot in an older parent or relative.  Here are 5 Early Warning Signs That May Help You Spo…
Too Many Baby Bottles May Risk Obesity
A new study suggests that obesity can set in by kindergarten when babies use bottles for too long.
It seems that bottle-toting toddlers are courting too many calories.
Researchers at Temple University recommend weaning baby off the bottle at 12-14 months...
Is Sugar Safe To Eat?
Gary Taubes posted a story in the New York Times Magazine blog today questioning the food safety of one of the western diet's most beloved components - sugar.
More Sleep Less Stress Add Up to Weight Loss
Reducing stress and getting the right amount of sleep will help you lose weight.  That's the bottom line of a study done in Portland, Oregon.  Researchers from Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research say diet and exercise are still key;  but if even you exercise and d…
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout ( link )
Monday morning.  Another chance to get a fresh start on that resolution to get in better shape.  How many of us start and stop workout programs... maybe we're in it for the wrong reason.  Great article today on exercise and success.
The core concept behind intrinsic exercise is t…

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