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Dominican Sisters Offer Home Care For Seniors
So many times old people want to live in their own home but are not not capable of doing it without a little extra helping hand.  Well, Domincan sisters are stepping up to lend that helping hand in the way of care for in home seniors.
Welcome Devos Childrens Hospital
1/11/11.  Nice way to open Helen Devos Children's Hospital.  Another reason west Michigan is the place to be.  Thanks to the Devos Family and the thousands of others who donated time and money to make it a part of our landscape.   If you visit, take time to notice the a…
DeVos Childrens Hospital
Looks like we have another national landmark to be proud of.   We toured the new Helen DeVos
Children's Hospital Sunday.  Very impressive.  Loved the attention paid to creating a "softer" looking place for kids.  Those of us who have spent time in the …