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Hawaii Kings Tour: Spending Lapule (Sunday) in Kailua-Kona [Video]
Listeners of 100.5 The River are touring with Andy Rent in Hawaii on a group tour created YMT Vacations.
They have been trekking across four of the Hawaiian Islands for 13 days on the Hawaii Kings Tour.
On Sunday (Lapule -- la-poo-lay -- in Hawaiian), the group spent its third day on Hawai'i Isla…
Hawaii Kings Tour: Kona Explorations [Video]
100.5 The River's Andy Rent is touring Hawaii with YMT Vacations and about three dozen 100.5 The River listeners for nearly two weeks.
They are trekking across Hawaii over 13 days on the Hawaii Kings Tour.
On Saturday, the group spent its second day on Hawai'i Island and explored Kailua-Kona…