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Would You be Willing to Help a Man, a Woman, a Child, in Need?
Time and time again we encounter a person on the street, usually a man, asking for help. He needs some spare change, a few bucks, whatever, and what do you say? Chances are you say "no I can't help you today," and you go on your way. Well, how about helping that man today?
A Special Easter Dinner for Those in Need
There are many in our community that won't have an Easter Dinner this year. Whether through illness or hardship, Easter, a traditional time of the year for families to gather, will be missed. However, there is an organization that wants to make sure no one is alone.
Mel Trotter Ministries Does It! They’re Getting Their New Truck
I'm so happy to report that Mel Trotter Ministries will be getting a new truck!
Dennis Van Kampen, CEO of Mel Trotter, who was on "Andy in the Morning" discussing the urgent need for a new refrigerated truck, announced they exceeded their $34,000 goal and can now get the new tr…