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New Cast for “Dancing With The Stars” Announced
It's been a big secret until today, and, now it's out.
Every season, speculation runs rampant about which celebrities will take the stage of Dancing with the Stars. Will the show get big, popular stars? Who will be a surprise?
On ABC's "Good Morning America," this morning, the season 14 cast…
Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer Has A Green Screen Mishap
Green, I have come to learn, is the wrong color to wear when you sit up against a "green screen".  A "green screen" is used to superimpose different backgrounds for a reporter to stand up against.  Television reporting 101 says don't ever wear green.  Guess Lara didn't get the me…
Meet Denver! The Guilty Looking Dog
I laughed so hard watching this video.  This is so darn funny.   Denver, is one smart dog.  
I don't care what any researcher, doctor, behaviorist etc. says.  Animals express guilt and other emotions;  I see it in my own kitties!  I have heard so many…