gas prices

The Price Of Gas Not $4+ in Wilmington, California
Who said gas prices are out of control?
Chuck and I talked about this gas station on the show this morning, asking the question "how far would you drive to save money on gas?"
Well, at this price I would drive a bunch of miles.
The Torrance Daily Breeze reports a service station in Wi…
Have you "gassed up" lately?  No, I don't mean, did you eat a Burrito.  You put gas in the car, right?   It hurt, didn't it.  From $3.85 to $3.99 per gallon in West Michigan is a real budget kicker.
Bike Riding Looks Better All The Time
Can't wait to get my mountain bike out of the garage.  While a few hardy souls have hit the trails over the past few weeks, I'm willing to wait until the snow is out of the woods and things dry a little.  Cannonsburg, Lutton, Greenville.....
Gasoline Goes Up Today
Gas is going up today to $3.65. Craig in the office got an alert from Facebook. The last time this happened, I did nothing. This time I hoped in the car, drove two blocks and got me some "cheap gas".
Gas $5.00. Thems Fighting Words.
So the economy has improved by a micro dollar.  Baby steps at best.  Am I the only one really, really concerned about the threats of $5 dollar gasoline.   The way I remember it, gas prices at $4 bucks two years almost put America in depression...
Think Gas Prices Knocked You Back?
Maybe it was the shock of paying 30 cents more for a gallon of gas.  Perhaps it was overwhelming pressure of the holidays....but why was this guy laying on the floor at Speedway on Leonard and 131 Tuesday evening.  Crazy thing was NO ONE said or did anything...