Forest Hills Fine Arts Center

Los Lobos at Forest Hills Fine Arts Center Friday Night
It's been three decades, but I think the 80's was a great music period with many memories flooding back when you hear your favorite song from that period.
The "flood-of-memories" will really be turned on this Friday, February 8, as Los Lobos, one of America's most dis…
Get Tickets for “Whose Live Anyway”
Sunday, May 20th at 7:30 pm, a passel of people will be laughing their heads off during a wonderful night of comedy at the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center.
"Whose Live Anyway," which seems to have become annual event at the Fine Arts Center in GR, will be on stage.
Michael Bolton Sings His Heart Out In Forest Hills
Okay, so my wife wanted desperately to duct tape herself to the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center  stage last night, but she had to settle for watching Michael Bolton with me, and our contest winners Denise Rohlof and her mother Diane, from the balcony.    Oh, the pain of it all.  Sh…