Breastfeeding Mom Wronged By Facebook
What does Mark Zuckerberg have against breastfeeding moms? Dave reported this morning a Sacramento mom's Facebook Page was locked down for 24 hours by the social media giant. This isn't the first time a breastfeeding support page was taken down by Facebook. But should it have been?
Man Hijacks Girlfriend’s Facebook Page To Propose
If there's anything the internet loves, it's a creative marriage proposal. Now that the best ones end up on YouTube for all to see, it has become harder and harder to come up with a truly unique proposal. But that doesn't mean it's impossible.
If You’re “Liked” on Facebook You’ll get a Hug (video)
Every time you get a "like" on Facebook, you get a hug!
No, for real, you get a hug, that is if you're wearing the newest creation by designer, Melissa Kit Chow, Andy Payne and Phill Seaton from the MIT Media Lab.
I talked about this new invention on the radio show yesterday morning, "A…
Mark Zuckerberg Introduces Organ Donation On Facebook Timeline
Facebook is about connecting and sharing right?  You probably connect with your friends, family, your community and maybe even people you have never met before.  You share information about your  life, work, school, your interests. Now, today, on your timeline, if you are on Facebook you can share …

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