Today is National Walking Day
Today is National Walking Day!
The American Heart Association is encouraging all of us Americans to lace up and get moving today, April 2. Whether it’s walking, running, biking, playing sports or joining a group class, the goal is getting more active. The association recommends at least 150 min…
Zumba for Cats
Okay, I thought I'd heard everything, but Zumba for Cats?
I'm not kidding.....Zumba for cats.
Valentine’s Day Blues? Here’s how to Beat It!
It's Valentine's Day! HAPPY DAY TO ALL!
For many of us, Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate the 'love of our life.'  We want to appreciate our romantic relationship.
For others, Valentine's Day is a total drag.  It's just a reminder that you're lone…
Starting An Exercise Program From The Head Down
Saturday morning, early summer. We're six months removed from our New Year's Resolution of getting in better shape. All of us who have tried and tried some more to follow an exercise plan know it is difficult. Perhaps we are going about things the wrong way...
Never Too Late.
Monday, day to get back on track with my exercise routine. Spin class MWF. Powerflex TT. Love the downtown YMCA. Love the organised classes. Older I get the more I appreciate having an "appointment" to workout. Left on my own, I'd be too busy...
Are Your Exercises a Waste of Time?
With a new study indicating that stretching before exercising may not prevent injury after all (unless you're already a dedicated stretcher), it seems like a good time for an optimization of our sweat-time.
Fitness Guru Jack LaLanne Dies
Eat well.  Trim down. Pump iron.  It worked for years for 96 year old fitness guru and innovator of "getting healthy", Jack LaLanne.  It was however from complications of pneumonia that claimed Jack Lanne's life over the weekend.  Jack was the guy who …
Toning Shoes: Fitness or Fiction?

I won't lie, I'm ready to jump on the toning shoe bandwagon. Not the chunky ones that look mildly corrective, but the ones that get the hot guy to check you out because he's not distracted by your ugly shoes. Yeah, those.  The ads are persuasive: get in shape without going to gym,  get a workout whi…

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