Grand Rapids On Tap Live Entertainment Will Be Fun
Grand Rapids On Tap is just over a month away, Jul y15th, and we're really looking forward to all the great beers from around West Michigan, and the rest of the country. We're excited for the great food that'll be there, and the live music will be fun!
Today Grand Rapids Remembers DJ Allison Harte At Memorial Service
Allison Harte, her personality, her laugh and her ability to connect with her audience made her a much loved air personality here in Grand Rapids but she was just as loved in Detroit.  A number of years ago Allison and I worked in Detroit at the same time.  She worked at WABX and I was working at WD…
These Are The Days I Live For In West Michigan
Like I said on the air this morning. Yesterday, Today and's just the beginning of the reason why I live through West Michigan Winters, year after year. One third of the year it's utterly, UGH!  But days like today. These days are the West Michigan Days I Live For...