Robin Williams Remembered by David Letterman [Video]
It's been over a week since the stunning news of Robin Williams' death. 
With conversations about Williams still happening in offices and homes and on social media, you realize how much he was a part of everyone's life in some small way...
A Lovesick Boy Sings To Emily, His Lost Love (video)
Do you remember your first love?  Or, your young love that went away?
You were heart broken, crushed, despondent.  You couldn't eat, or sleep, or, sleep is all you wanted to do to escape from the misery of it all.  Oh, the pain.  You thought it was something that no one else …
It’s Monday! Do we Really Hate it?
Hey, it's Monday, everybody.  Everyone's favorite day!  Right?
WRONG!! don't know.
After a weekend, Fathers Day, and stuff, there is Monday.
13 Causes Of Depression – Some Might Surprise You
When I was clicking through the list I would have to say probably most of us, living in an urban setting in the year 2012, would be facing most of those things.  I'm sure when you click through the list there may be a few that will make you say to yourself, yup, yup, yup.  Okay, now I get it!  It's …
6 Ways To Beat The Winter Blahs in Grand Rapids Michigan
I visited Harvest Health Food Store a couple days ago to find out how the winter blahs can be helped naturally.  Their suggestion, for someone like me, and probably someone like you, who gets too little light in these winter months in West Michigan, is Vitamin D with magnesium...