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Adopt Astoria From Crash’s Landing
December is here bringing holiday parties, parades, shopping and cold weather.
Crash's Landing has saved another cat from trying to survive a cold, West Michigan winter. Now all she needs is someone to adopt her.
Please adopt Astoria.
Adopt Bonita From Crash’s Landing
Autumn is here, but the changing leaves are behind schedule due to the warm temperatures we've been enjoying. That's good news for the future cats of Crash's Landing. Those who are stuck outdoors with no place to stay.
Bonita used to be outdoors with no place to stay, then Crash's…
Adopt Captain Hook From Crash’s Landing
Captain Hook has had a rough time. He's survived a tough winter. He's been impaled by fishing hooks. He's needed treatment for a rare lung-worm infection.
It's time to turn his luck around.
Please adopt Captain Hook from Crash's Landing.
Adopt Lance Bass From Crash’s Landing
It's tearing up our hearts that Lance Bass hasn't found a family. Crash's Landing loves Lance Bass, but they hope he goes bye, bye, bye soon. It might sound crazy but it ain't no lie. They just want to find him a home.
Adopt Canterbury From Crash’s Landing
Hot chocolate and warm apple cider are slowly creeping their way into our diets. Temperatures are cooling outside and it's more important than ever to find homes for cats without one. That's exactly what Crash's Landing is doing, but they can't do it alone.
Help Cra…

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