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Adopt Clara From Crash’s Landing
Last winter, Clara was taken off of the streets on a freezing February night. As our weather turns cold again, let's help Clara make another drastic change and find her a permanent home!
Adopt Tattletail From Crash’s Landing
The weather has quickly changed across West Michigan. Some have welcomed the change, others have not.
One change we all agree we'd like to see is finding more homes for the cats at Crash's Landing.
This week we introduce you to Tattletail.
Adopt Andre From Crash’s Landing
As the leaves are change and temperatures cool quickly, Crash's Landing continues to do their part to make sure local cats have a safe and warm place to stay, but they need your help.
Adopt Andre from Crash's Landing!
Meet Van Gogh From Crash’s Landing
Crash's Landing helps find homes for cats every day. They have many available for adoption right now, but Van Gogh is not one of those cats.
Van Gogh is more of a spokescat and his story is an important one.
His story serves as a reminder that cats may seek shelter in car engines as temperatures …
Adopt Rio From Crash’s Landing
Cats have different personalities and different needs. Not every home is a perfect match for every cat. Rio isn't happy being among 90 - 100 other cats at Crash's Landing. She would prefer a quieter setting and a home to call her own.
Can you help Rio?

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