SCAM ALERT: Look Out for a Lowe’s Coupon on Facebook
You may or may not have come across the Lowe's Home Improvement coupon offering $50 off for Mother's Day. Be careful because it may look totally legit but it's NOT.
If you click on the coupon link it will take you to a website, which looks very similar to Lowe's website,…
Savings Angel
Get ‘Extreme Couponing’ deals without the extreme lifestyle!
This week, we show you how to get:
Toms of Maine . . . . FREE
Wonderful Pistachios . . . . $0.50
Mars M&Ms Candy . . ...
Savings Angel Deals for Today
Every Tuesday morning at 7:35 on my radio show, "Andy In the Morning," I feature Josh Elledge from Savings Angel.  He talks about how much money you really can save on groceries and household items you use every day, by using Savings Angel each week.  And, he always features some of his &q…
How To Save Money In Grand Rapids
Have you watched any of those extreme coupon shows on television? I'm not a coupon guy. I could be making a big mistake. I watched one of the shows the other day and some guy walked out of the grocery store with over one thousand dollars worth of useful stuff...
Have Your Tried Value Connection?
Andy and I have been doing Value Connection live on WTRV for over a year now.  30% savings on some real good stuff.  Restaurants, car washes, furniture, hair care... I buy stuff often.  30 percent of Afendoulis Cleaners, for example.  I am still surprised when someone says they&a…