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Want a Job with the City of Grand Rapids?
Over 300 City of Grand Rapids workers are retiring in the next few years-- and that means job openings for you! With hiring events being held periodically, the city is looking to fill these positions.
So what kind of jobs are they? And what do they pay?
What’s This Parking Trickery Happening Downtown Grand Rapids?
Man, the city is doing whatever to get money… or at least I hope it’s the city and not an elaborate scam since I haven’t seen any major news of these signs becoming a thing.
The sign, which tells you to download a “ParkMobile” app or call an 800 number to pay for parkin…
Grand Rapids Christmas Tree Recycling Begins January 2
Christmas has come to an end. And, if you had a real Christmas tree this year, it's time for you to figure out how to get rid of it.
Luckily, if you live in the city of Grand Rapids, it is offering free Christmas tree recycling starting Jan. 2, 2014.
City Of Grand Rapids Urges Residents To Play Board Game
While I'm sure that we'd all like to be a part of the city Planning Committee, it just doesn't work into most people's schedule.
Suzanne Shultz of the Grand Rapids city planning committee has developed a game called "The Quality of LIFE"
City officials are hoping that residents will pick up …
Hit A Pothole? Get Compensated For It. Thank You Grand Rapids! hit the streets to check out the pothole situation.  This is the time when the temperatures start fluctuating, and the pavement begins to expand and contract, and potholes begin to pop up everywhere!  Here's how you can get compensated if one of those potholes messes up your…

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