Chaffee Planetarium

The Astronauts are Coming
The life of Astronaut and Grand Rapidian, Roger Chaffee will the celebrated this Saturday at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Former Astronaut, Guion “Guy” Bluford will be there, as well.
Pioneering NASA Astronaut Jack Lousma Coming to Grand Rapids
Marine Colonel (ret) Jack Lousma, legendary pioneering NASA astronaut from the 1970s and early 1980s is coming back to Grand Rapids for a very special occasion. He will be here, May 3 and 4, to honor the memory of Roger B. Chaffee 50 years after the tragic Apollo 1 fire.
More Spring Break Fun at the Chaffee Planetarium
There is something new and exciting at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. It's an exciting show at the Chaffee Planetarium, and just in time for spring break.
It's an original planetarium show, Starlight Safari, an interactive trip across our continents to see and learn about various animal co…

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