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Casey Anthony Out and About in Ohio
Casey Anthony was spotted running around in Ohio over the weekend, according to TMZ. She was doing some shopping. Clad in sunglasses and and Ohio State hat, she was trying to fly under the radar while shopping for dresses at an Old Navy.
Casey Anthony Attorney Jose Baez Eyes Book and TV Deals
Casey Anthony’s defense attorney, Jose Baez, who already has his eye on a gig as a TV legal analyst, reportedly met with a literary agent from Inkwell Management last week in the hopes of also landing a book deal.
The agent, Richard Pine, already represents authors such as Arianna Huffington an…
Casey Anthony Jury Suspected The Father
Some of the jurors on the Casey Anthony trial have spoken out. They were so suspicious of Casey's father, George Anthony, that they believed that he could be covering up the crime or might have even been the killer himself! You be the judge...
Do You Agree With The Casey Anthony Jury?
The verdict is in. "Not Guilty." Doesn't mean innocent, just not guilty.
Lots of people called us on the Andy and Chuck WTRV morning show today to say they don't believe the jury.
The public doesn't seem to agree with jurors in the Casey Anthony case. People began weighing in on the matte…