Bro-Tox For Men, Becoming A Popular Gift For The Guys
Is it the ladies?  Maybe the wives and girlfriends are trying to improve the looks of their husbands and boyfriends. It's Botox for women and brotox for men. 
So guys, how does that make you feel?  In the past it was okay for men to age the way that they aged...
Was The 8-Year-Old Botox Girl Story A Hoax?
From the "what's going on department," here's a Botox Girl update.
Last week I posted the story of the 8-year-old girl supposedly given Botox injections by her mother.
'Good Morning America' had originally reported it and outraged Americans when it aired a segment in which a woman named Kerr…
Botox at the Dentist?
Wishing you could have a few less wrinkles or a firmer upper lip in addition to a whiter smile? Good news: Botox and dermal fillers may soon be headed to a dental office near you.