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GRPS Hosting Back to School Celebration Tonight
Grand Rapids Public Schools is hosting its annual Back to School Celebration tonight, Wednesday, August 7, at John Ball Park from 3-7pm. This exciting event brings together GRPS students, their families, and prospective families to get ready for the coming school year.
How Much Did You Spend On Back To School Shopping? [Poll]
The kids are back at school bringing with them lots of supplies:  pencils, folders, calculators, backpacks, shoes, clothes, etc.  Sales and coupons are nice, but it only helps so much at back to school time.
Before the next credit card statement arrives take our anonymous poll...
How mu…
Bullying! Teach Kids To Fight Back Without Throwing A Punch
It's a concept that focuses on building confidence and self esteem.  It's kind of like this, I think; If you know you can destroy someone if you need to, you don't really need to prove that to anyone any longer.  One boy enrolled in the program to make him  BullyProof..…
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
Labor Day Weekend. Last blast of summer, then...back to school. I remember my last weekend before college. I must have been asked a thousand times what I would be majoring in. Stock answer back then was hockey.
Back To School Checklist. Handle Crazy Roommates
All week, we've been trying to help cope with the stress of back to school. From shopping to preparing for change, we hope our series of posts have been helpful. Sometimes it is good to just have a plan, a checklist if you will.
While we have focused on grade school kids, there are plenty of i…
Save Money On Back To School
You can't have back-to-school without back to school shopping. I didn't know, but back to school shopping is the second biggest retail time of the year. Another in our series of tips on back-to-school, saving money.
Back To School. It Is All About Organization
Isn't it easier when everything is where it is supposed to be. I often tell my kids it takes less time to hang up their clothes, pick up their mess than it does to throw stuff around the house. Organization is the key. Another tip for back-to-school success...
Kids And The Internet
With the new school year getting under way, parents are expressing concerns about Internet safety as well as their children's cyber behavior. Nearly 90-percent of those taking part in a new Awareness Technologies poll say they've discussed Internet safety with their kids, but 40-percent a…
The Stress Of Back To School.
Tuesday morning. Another post in our series on getting ready for the school year. What about the stress of going back. Stress on kids and mom and dad. Good luck.
Why No Michigan Tax Holiday
School starts soon. Let the spending begin. Not only do I have back-to-school clothes shopping to worry about, I also have back-to-sports spending.
We have hockey and football players in the house. Every year it means new clothes AND new athletic gear -- shoes, skates, etc...
Battle The Back-To-School Blues
Earlier this morning, I was talking on the WTRV morning show about the stress of "back to school."
Sure, for students the issues are the uncertainty of the new school year. Add to it the issues of clothes, school supplies, getting up early and new routine.
What about for parents? While I a…

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