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ArtPrize meets Amazing Race October 10
The fifth annual Michigan Adventure Race: ArtPrize Edition will be held October 10, 2015. Registration is now open and is limited to 600 racers.
Designated an Official ArtPrize Event, the race will incorporate art venues from the art competition as part of its course. Course designers may also work w…
Unlocking ArtPrize: Woman’s Faith In Humanity Restored
When Chelsea Lassen decided to spend an afternoon with friends exploring ArtPrize in Grand Rapids Wednesday, she didn’t expect to leave in a panic.
“After leaving dinner hours later, I unzipped my pocket only to find no car keys,” said Lassen, a ‘05 graduate of Lakeview High S…
Something Odd is Happening in Grand Rapids on September 13
Something odd, indeed, is happening. It's the UICA’s OddBall, presented by Law Weathers Attorneys and Counselors, on September 13, 2014 at 7pm. This is UICA’s signature fall gala, now in its fourth year, kicking off the contemporary arts season in West Michigan with a lively party celebrating UICA’s…
ArtPrize is Accessible for All
As ArtPrize begins it's 4th year of bringing art and conversation to Grand Rapids in a "really big" way, the concern has always been to hold an event the is truly open to all.  And by that I mean, accessible to all, even with a physical disability.

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