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Not All ArtPrize Gems Are in the Central City
For the next two plus weeks, Grand Rapids will be swarmed by serious art lovers, the not-so serious art lovers, the curious, and who ever else falls into whatever category you can think of, during ArtPrize 2012.
With venues all over town it is always difficult to take in all of the creations, visual …
St. Cecilia Music Center is Musical ArtPrize Exhibition Center
St. Cecilia Music Center announced that they will continue, and enhance their role of music in ArtPrize 2012.
New this year will be five cash prizes given in five different musical genres. St. Cecilia Music Center will be presenting five $2,000 awards, plus prize packages, in the categories of pop/el…
Art Prize 2011 Huge Success
Congratulations Grand Rapids, it was a VERY successful Art Prize that ended Sunday.  The streets of downtown were just as busy on the 19th day as they were on many of the days that came before.
The Grand Rapids Press reported that thousands of people were checking out art on a day the weather re…