There are a lot of ways to enjoy winter in Michigan: sledding, ice skating, fishing, snowmobiling.

And surfing? 

It turns out some surfers actually prefer the cold weather.

Not me.

I prefer the shore and maybe a fireplace and a hot drink, but not everyone does. reports:

"The cold water adds an element of adrenaline," John McNeil, winter surfer said. "It's not the same as a warm water wave, it's almost more exciting."

Zach Dorvinen, John McNeil, and NickBrown have been winter surfing for years.

"We get only one good day of surfing during the summer, but it's almost like every day in the winter," Nick Brown, winter surfer said.

"Our eyelashes can freeze, our feet get cold, but overall I'm probably almost just as warm as you are right now maybe even warmer," McNeil said.

Sounds like fun?

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