Grandville city leaders have approved changing the city's regulations on Sunday alcohol sales.

Current regulations allow the sale of beer and wine, but not liquor, after noon on Sundays. The amendment approved Monday night by the City Council expands the regulations to allow liquor sales, as well.

City Manager Ken Krombeen told our friends at WZZM 13 that the change is planned to take effect on July 27, as long as the city is able to publish notice of the change in a newspaper in time.

There were some residents on hand speaking out against the change. They voiced concerns over the possibility of more drinking and driving.

Restaurant owner Tommy Brann was also on hand to urge the council to vote yes on the change.

"We are responsible; we try to do the best we can," Brann said. "My wife drinks a rum and Pepsi. She's a good woman. It doesn't make her a bad person to have a rum and Pepsi on Sunday. So let's pass this and thank you."

The City Council voted in favor of the amendment 5-2.