This one struck fairly close to home for me because, well, I've been accused of really liking Subway.  A lot.  I mean, I was eating there at least once a day (for a while), have a bunch of Subway cups in my office and all the employees at the Downtown GR location know me by name.  So, I suppose maybe I do have a problem.  But I digress.

Last week, Subway announced they'd be removing a chemical from their sandwich bread that is also used in yoga mats and shoe soles.  The chemical is azodicarbonamide.  (If you can pronounce it, I'd say you get bonus points.  But if you're like me and eat a bunch of it, maybe some points should be taken away.)

The woman who takes credit for this action is Vani Hari, who runs the "Food Babe" blog. She says: "I commend Subway for finally responding to me and now over 57,000 concerned citizens. Their swift action is a testament to what power petitions and individuals who sign them can have. I'd like to note that current Subway sandwiches still have this ingredient, and urge everyone not to eat their sandwich bread until they have finally removed the chemical."

Check out the video done by Food Babe...