Don't know what your week was like, but I have to say that Wednesday may have been the strangest day I've had in several years. It wasn't bad. For me, at least. For those around me, though, it was just a bad day. And what made it strange for me was that bad news just came one right after the other.

  • First, closing on our house in Toledo was pushed back because the buyer's bank screwed up.
  • Then as I was talking with one of my employees (the first one), one of my best friends called to tell me he was fired from his radio job.
  • As I was talking to my best friend, a different employee (the second one) came to tell me his truck had been stolen earlier that morning.
  • And while I was talking with him and skimming Facebook, I saw that another friend lost her mom that morning.

That was all between 10:00 and 11:15 on Wednesday morning.

Already thinking what a strange day it was, I figured there wouldn't be anything else. Then another employee (the third one!) called to say her car was having problems. She described to me what happened and I said it was her transmission.

What topped the day was learning that another friend is getting a divorce.

What a strange day. It left me thinking "what is going on today that the universe is so off?" Hope your day was better!