You've heard the saying,  You snooze you lose right? Well, those days are gone.  You snooze now at a Crowne Plaza Hotel and you could literally lose your room.  Well you won't get kicked out right on the spot but you will be relegated to a snoring floor on your next visit. I know it sounds funny, kind of, but this must have become a big problem all of a sudden.  So is it fair or not fair???  What if the snoring floor is full, then what?  Maybe they're making the walls thinner at the Crowne nowadays.  Now if they could just have a floor for the loud love makers. Wouldn't that be fun adventure for the kiddies when the hotel doors open on that floor.  But seriously.  Why now?  Why start asking people to move now?  It's not like people just started snoring or something.  What's going on?