There’s something new at St. Cecilia Music Center to help adults develop their musical singing savvy. Three programs are starting up for the "singer at heart" in January 2013.

"You Can Sing in a Weekend" will introduce basic singing skills in a group setting that is fun and instructive, Singing for the Stage will be for those who want to improve their stage singing presence, and Coming Up Roses: Great Musicals of the 1950’s will explore the great shows and show tunes of that time period.
The instructor for all classes is Dr. Patrick Coyle who has coached singers who now perform on Broadway, in theaters and in opera across the United States. Dr. Coyle specializes in making quick, significant improvements in the voice. He has experienced the process of producing new musicals and reviving old classics. He has conducted musical theater around the United States and Canada and has extensive knowledge in all of the topics being presented at St. Cecilia Music Center’s new January class offerings for adults.
Coyle explains, “Everyone can learn to sing, with the right coaching. The Sing in a Weekend class is for the beginner. Others who want to improve the singing skills they already have would choose the Singing for the Stage class. This is a class designed for those who yearn to be in theater productions, to help them better succeed in musical theater auditions. For both performers and non-performers there’s also a class called Coming up Roses: Great Musicals of the 1950’s that the musical theater buff will truly love. For this class, no performance will be required – just pure listening and learning pleasure. So, for everyone from the avid musical buff and karaoke singer, to those who wish to audition and the skilled singer, we have something to offer.”

So, do you want to be the next "singing star?"  To register for a class, contact: Martha Cudlipp at 616-459-2224 or