Have you had a baby at Spectrum Health in the past or visited someone who has?

Big changes have come to Spectrum's maternity area. The rooms are bigger and the entrance is in a different place. 

Spectrum Health delivers over 7,000 babies per year. That's the most of any hospital in Michigan.  So this is good news for many expectant mothers and their families.

On Sunday, February 3, Spectrum opened a new maternity entrance.  The entrance makes them one of the few hospital in the country with a separate maternity entrance.

The new entrance is on the south side of Spectrum's Butterworth Hospital on Ransom Avenue.

Spectrum also has new, bigger rooms and Jacuzzi tubs.

WZZM reports:

Renovations are planned for the entrance's interior and exterior but the hallway to the maternity admitting area will stay the same.

In addition to soothing, homey colors there are also flat screen TVs to watch while waiting for what could be several hours to verify you're in labor.

Almost enough to make you think about having another child...or not.