How cool is this!  Terry Blanding from Sparton stores, D & W and Family Fare, stopped by this morning to talk all about their new pet product line, PAWS, for dogs and cats.  Sparton just launched it this week. 

The Grand Rapids Press had a coupon for $1 off in Sunday's newspaper too.  For this week only you can save 25% off your purchase of any PAWS product.  More savings coming online too! 

Then, Terry drops this bombshell on me.  She says, "Oh, and by the way Spartan stores would like to donate over 450 pounds of PAWS kitty products to your favorite charity, and we know that is Crash's Landing."  I have to tell you she almost brought me to tears I was so happy!  How cool is that!  High quality food at an affordable price.  I told her I knew the kitties would be sending kitty kisses her way:-)  Thank you Sparton and PAWS for doing something so beautiful for Crash's Landing.  

Listen as Spartan Stores Surprise Me With 450 Pound PAWS  Donation To Crashs Landing