This is about the cutest thing going.  It's eight-year-old Sophia Grace and her 5-year-old sidekick Rosie on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  Ellen had invited the young British megastar kids back to her show and they performed another Nicki Minaj cover -- this time, "Moment 4 Life."

Truly, the adorable British Princesses of Rap let it all hang out.   Sophia Grace does the singing herself, but she never goes onstage without Rosie, her hype girl, who dances along with her. The best part of all is she never misses a word!

What do they like to do when not singing? "My favorite thing is going to American Girl with my American Girl to get her hair done," Sophia Grace said. "It looks so nice."

"My favorite thing is swimming underwater. And I have my goggles on and can see underwater," Rosie added.

Is that the sweetest thing? You bet. Hollywood hasn't changed them!