So, a couple of weeks ago, we were looking for a little help with a Sharpie permanent marker dilemma with a toddler.

We needed help: Stat!

But, to be honest, we weren't really sure what to do because toddlers and skin weren't on

So, we decided to ask our Facebook friends.

Well, needless to say, they are helping out BIG TIME!

What we are finding is we are getting plenty of help from plenty of helpful people.

These are among some of the other nifty suggestions we've gotten from our Facebook helpers:

  • Jake Hill said: "Sandpaper works great for getting permanent marker off your skin."
  • Taira Tripoli's suggested: "Hand sanitizer works great getting it off toddlers, like mine for instance."
  • Chris Bovia, of Grand Rapids, said: "Hair spray or WD40. Kid you not."
  • Jesi Hawthorne, of Richland near Kalamazoo, in a seemingly admittance-of-guilt-tone, suggested: "For getting permanent marker off of my skin, whenever I was bored I used to draw on my arms, I just used some soap and water and rubbed/scrubbed it off. Even if I didn't scrub my arms the stuff would come off within a couple of days."
  • Kayte Andrakowicz-Trumbull, originally from Wyoming, says: " I've used rubbing alcohol to get it off toddlers' and adults' skin. Works rather well."
  • Andrea Jojola had a suggestion from competitive swimming, of all places: "Swimmers use permanent marker for writing their races on thier bodies. We use spray sunblock and it wipes right off with a paper towel."
  • Kimberlee McEvoy said: "There is science behind removing permanent marker. It is 'permanent' because it is alcohol-based, which water does not break down well or at all. If you use rubbing alcohol, which is the marker's base, it easily breaks it down for removal. Sanitzer has alcohol in it; same with hairspray. (That's) why those work well to remove it. Never tried vinegar or milk to remove it. Gotten it off wood furniture and walls with just plain rubbing alcohol many times."
  • Lisa Dearinger-Benabides suggested: "Baby wipes work well." To which Shay Frazer responded: "Baby wipes work for everything! LOL."
  • Robin Beveridge said: " I've always said nail polish remover, but please do not smoke while doing it! LMFAO."
  •  Michael Pritchard had a chuckled embrace of one of the ideas: "Yeah, because people want to pour milk on their furniture. ... LMAO."
  • Joyce Heineman Gursky had a more, perhaps, more forceful suggestion: "The best way to remove it from everything, including your toddler's skin, is to keep them locked up. With locks. And keys. Geesh, people."

There were also some folks who pointed us to some links on removing permanent ink from skin, like this one from Jamie Sever.

So, for now, we're gonna leave you with a couple of guffaws.

First from this guy from Houston, Bradley Bryant, who had an early epiphany about permanent markers apparently.

Courtesy Bradley Bryant

And to wrap up, here's this mom and her cute and adorable daughter showing us all how to lovingly remove permanent ink.

Thanks for the help everybody!

Also, please keep sharing your ideas. I think I might even put them together in a book because they're so good; and then maybe I'll share it with the Sharpie folks.