How close was Grand Rapids to receiving the nod from Google to build its super fast network here?  The Furniture city was a finalist and received a visit from Goolge last summer.

"Held confidential until now, as requested by Google, a Google Fiber for Cities proposal review team visited Grand Rapids on July 15, 2010," the statement read. "With over 1,100 cities participating, Grand Rapids is proud to have been a finalist in this competitive process."


The entire community got behind the idea of encouraging Google to build here.

“The City received dozens of letters of support from medical, education, business, and neighborhood organizations, as well as from the community at large,” the release read. “We undertook this project with purpose and gusto, putting our best foot forward.

“While we are disappointed, we remain hopeful that Grand Rapids and Google can partner in the future.”


Maybe we should have renamed the Calder, le Google and spray painted it with Google's famous multi-colors.