131NB and WB96 are both back open but very slow going.

131SB between Dorr and Wayland is slow going as a tow truck is pulling a car out of the median.  You're down to the RIGHT lane only.

131 is very ICY south of the Kent/Allegan County Line.

Lake Michigan Drive is also slushy and icy.  There have been numerous slide-offs and spinouts between Standale and Allendale.




131NB at 10 Mile Road is CLOSED.  Earlier today there was a 10 to 20-car pileup.  Delays begin at West River Drive.

WB96 at 68th Street in Coopersville is CLOSED.  Earlier wreck involving a jacknifed semi and several cars.  Several cars in the ditch.

131SB at mile marker 67 was closed earlier due to a wreck.  It's back open now but a slow-go because of the backups.

131SB at 142nd Avenue near Dorr and Wayland.  Right lane blocked in a roll over wreck.

131NB at M-89 crash put cars on both shoulders, so traffic is single-file.

Lake Michigan Drive at 1st Avenue and near Linden Drive.  The bridge over the Grand River is ICY and both approaches are too.