Consumers Energy has announced that they will be installing "Smart Meters" for all of their customers.  And, you say, excuse me...what's a smart meter?   I thought my current meter read my electrical usage pretty well.

Consumers Energy smart meters are advanced meters with a cell-phone like connection to the system.  It will provide daily readings to Consumers Energy of your usage, notify the company if there is a power outage, and provide us, the customer, with near-real time information so we can see how much electricity we actually use, and when.

Is this a problem for you?  Does anyone think this may be an invasion of privacy some how?  Well, yes, there are some who do.  They don't trust new technology and don't want anyone or any thing giving out information about them, even if it is only how much electricity they're using.   If that is the case, you may opt-out and stick with your old meter.  Consumers Energy will tell you how to do this when the time comes.

Installation is beginning in Muskegon in September, and will expand to Kent County next May, with Ottawa and Allegan County to follow.  As a mater of fact, here is a map of current installation plans to give you a complete look at when your new meter may be coming to you.   

I'm sure you have all sorts of questions, so you can simply visit for   complete information.