Did you buy any of those shoes that claimed to help your butt get toned?  Did they actually work?  Probably not, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Skechers will be paying $40 million to consumers who purchased their "shape ups" shoes with the hope the shoes would help them get more toned or have easier workouts.

So ... how do you get your piece of the payout if you purchased the shoes and don't have a receipt?

Well, unlike other payouts, this one relies largely on the honor system.

From the LA Times:

Anyone who purchased the company's line of Shape-Up shoes -- or its Resistance Runners, Tone-ups or Toners -- is entitled to a partial refund whether they have proof of purchase or not, officials said Thursday.

Consumers are urged to submit a claim at www.skecherssettlement.com, fill out the online form and offer up any documentation or recollections that they might have -- details about the purchase, or perhaps a credit card receipt.

Dana Barragate, an Federal Trade Commission attorney, acknowledged in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that some dishonest people will no doubt try to game the system and apply for a partial refund for shoes they didn't buy.

"But we think most consumers are honest," Barragate said. (She noted that the process requires claimants to file and sign documents with the federal government swearing that they're telling the truth.) "We want consumers who legitimately purchased this product to get a refund if they want one."