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Christmas Song FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Here's where you'll find information on songs we receive lots of questions about - including the CD name and a link where you can find more information and/or purchase the album.
Serving Thanksgiving For 10 People Should Cost Just Over $50?
Every year, the American Farm Bureau Federation releases a study on how much it should cost the average family to serve Thanksgiving dinner for the year. And every year, I'm like, "Which grocery stores are these people shopping at?"
So how much should it cost to serve 10 people a full Thank…
Police Searching for Suspect Following Wyoming Credit Union Robbery
Wyoming police are searching for a man who they say robbed the ATL Credit Union, 841 36th St. SW in Wyoming, at gunpoint late Friday morning.
The robbery was reported around 11:45 a.m. EST.
In a news release, police said the man entered the credit union with a handgun and then fled the scene on foot w…
Little Girl Does Not Want to Build a Snowman [Video]
I haven't even seen the movie "Frozen", but I've heard references to it so many times I don't even feel like I need to.
Kids can't get enough of it, though. Except this little girl. Her name is Emma, she does not like her dad's "Frozen" ref…
Cat is Totally Confused by a Marshmallow [Video]
I've heard that cats will eat pretty much anything. But apparently, marshmallows don't fall into that category because according to this video, cats don't have any idea what they are or what to do with them.
Watch this cat lick this marshmallow, wonder if that was the right thing to do…
Tom Cook’s Workday Dog Break – Jack Russell Does 35 Tricks [Video]
This is one talented dog! I've met a few Jack Russell Terriers in my day, and they're all pretty smart. I don't think I've ever met one that can do this many tricks, though!
Okay, so maybe calling some of these things "tricks" is a bit of a stretch, but this is s…
Michigan Named Most Romantic State in the U.S.
This isn't shocking to any of us that live here: Michigan is the most romantic state in the United States.
That's the reality, at least according to Redbox. Its research shows that Michiganders watched more romantic movies in 2014 than any other state.
Martha Stewart is Really Excited About this Coconut
I will never be as excited about anything as Martha Stewart is about this coconut.
She took to Instagram on Thursday to show us a bunch of pictures of her beloved coconut and tell us all sorts of great things about it. Seriously.
Kitten Climbs Into a Box of Baby Ducks [Video]
This is, without a doubt, one of the cutest baby animal videos I've ever seen in my life.
A tiny, adorable baby kitten decided to climb into a box of baby ducks and try to make friends with them. Sort of.