The State of Michigan is currently considering allowing the sale of lottery tickets online.

Some support the sales as a way to increase revenue.

Some are opposed.

Should the State of Michigan sell lottery tickets online?

Whether it's building a casino or adding new games, gambling laws are always controversial.  The possibility of making lottery tickets available online has proven to be no different. explains what is being considered:

The Snyder administration is requesting more than $3 million to launch an “iLottery” in early 2014, thanks to a U.S. Justice Department opinion released 16 months ago that says states can offer Internet gambling as long as it does not involve wagering on sports.

The Republican-led Legislature is split over the iLottery, with the House agreeing to the funding request and the Senate planning to reject it. Differences are expected to be resolved in May.

As long as we ensure that minors do not have access, I believe online lottery sales make sense for Michigan.

The same risks and concerns that face in-store gambling will continue exist for online gambling, but should not stop Michigan from attempting to increase revenue for the state and convenience for players.

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