Over 100,000 vehicles use the S-Curve every day in Grand Rapids, but one group would like to see that change.

The group is recommending that the S-Curve be removed to help the growth of downtown Grand Rapids.

Should the S-Curve be taken down?

The continued growth of downtown Grand Rapids has many looking towards the future to discover new ways to continue to advance downtown.

One group says removing the S-Curve would benefit Grand Rapids.

Mibiz.com explains:

Supporters of removing the S-Curve — a group that includes urban planners, designers, construction executives and real estate professionals — say the roadway in its current form poses significant challenges to accessibility, safety and sustainability in the city.

They say removing several lanes of high-speed traffic frees more land for development, spreads out traffic and opens up more pedestrian-friendly areas, including on the city’s riverfront.

Of course, money is a huge factor.  $145 million was spent on the S-Curve in 2000.  Removal of the S-Curve would be even more costly.  Mibiz.com explains:

It would cost a far greater amount to remove the S-Curve and take the highway down to grade, not to mention the department (MDOT) is already starved for cash.

“From our perspective, our current funding makes (it) virtually impossible,” said John Richard, spokesman for MDOT in Grand Rapids.

Removing the S-Curve is likely to be a tough sell.  The reconstruction project is still relatively new.  Taking down the S-Curve isn't likely to gain a lot of support until is begins to make financial sense.  That doesn't appear likely any time soon.
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