The University of Michigan men's basketball team came up just short in the national championship game on Monday.

Millions watched the game.  And millions of dollars were spent to sponsor it.  Should the players get a cut?

Should college athletes be paid?

There are many arguments for and against paying college athletes.

Some feel all college athletes should be paid.  Some say only those who are in sports that make money should be paid.  Some feel no athletes should be paid.

Then there's the question of how much.

If college athletes were paid, it would be far less than what the pros make.  But even a small amount would be helpful to most student athletes.

Choosing who gets how much would be difficult.  Popularity and profitability of sports can change over time.

Even without pay, there is at least one major benefit for most college student athletes.

A free education.

College athletes on scholarship are getting indirectly paid by receiving free or reduced tuition.  The added load of playing a sport while attending college is a significant one, but worth the sacrifice for many.

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