The Whitecaps have been a part of West Michigan since 1994.

Thousands have made countless memories with the Whitecaps over the years.

As the 2014 season begins, share your favorite memories of the Whitecaps.

There have been many changes to the Whitecaps over the years. Changes to the park, the menu, coaching staff, and more.

It was exciting to see the Whitecaps become a Detroit Tigers affiliate in 1997. Since then we've seen Detroit Tigers players make stops in Grand Rapids and we've watched Whitecaps players move up the ladder to join the Detroit Tigers.

There have been championship seasons and dramatic wins all along the way too, but you can't talk about the Whitecaps without talking about hot dogs, drinks, bacos, entertainment, and more.

Here's a few of my memories of the Whitecaps.

This is the first pitch from Star Wars night at Fifth Third Ballpark last year. My 5-year-old and I got close to Darth Vader later, but not too close. Darth Vader is tall and a bit scarier in real life than he is on TV.

This walk-off win from last summer is one of the many great games I've enjoyed.

Please share your memories and join us in wishing good luck to the West Michigan Whitecaps in 2014 and beyond!

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