Yes, it's Christmas in July as Fubble Entertainment wants you to share your memories of Christmas in downtown Grand Rapids in the 1960s.

It's all part of a fundraising plan to raise the money necessary to produce a movie called "The Santa Hat" about Christmas in Grand Rapids.

"The Santa Hat" is the brainchild of Fubble creators Theresa Thome and Patrick Ziegler. "The Santa Hat" is set in Grand Rapids in 1967.

Much of the action will happen in a fictional department store named "Herpolburg's," a combination of Herpolsheimer's and Wurzburg's, both anchor stores that existed in the 1960s.

Thome and Ziegler have also set up a Kickstarter page to help fund the movie, which will be shot here in Grand Rapids.

The Christmas In July event will be held Thursday afternoon from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the former Grand Rapids Public Museum, 54 Jefferson St. SE in Grand Rapids.

Here's Patrick and Theresa to explain the event. Including how you can be an extra in the film.

Lovable Ed Asner from the movie "Up!" narrates the storyboard version of the movie. He will be one of the stars of the movie, along with Marion Ross (Mrs. C from Happy Days).