A Facebook friend of mine was talking about how she put some of her "First Day Of School" photos on her website so she and her friends could reminisce.  I'm sure I have some boxed away too; but, for now THIS one is my favorite First Day Back To School Photo! It's not mine, it's hers, but I think it's so cute.  I'm sure for the mom and dads who are sending the little ones off this morning it must be bittersweet for you.  I have really fond memories of walking together with my mom to McGregor Elementary School in Detroit Michigan.  I do remember us having some brisk Fall mornings like this one here in Grand Rapids.  We would talk about everything and make plans for after school.  God blessed me with the mom I have, that's for sure!  Would love to have you share or post some of your favorite First Day Of  School Photos.  The knee socks, the glasses, and the  hairstyles are so much fun!!!