Our most treasured citizens, Senior citizens, are in for a special surprise today at the Kentwood Big Boy on 28th street, SE.

Okay, now it's not a surprise, but it will be very special for all Seniors dining out at the Big Boy in Kentwood at 9:30 this morning.

They will be surprised on today, Valentine’s Day, when

  Gerontology Network and Gratitude Growing, a grassroots gratitude effort, swoop in on them as a random act of kindness and to simply thank them for their past and present contributions to our community.

This is so cool, this “Gratitude Growing Blast.”  It really is a flash event that will honor and show gratitude to nearly 100 older adults. The patrons of the Big Boy restaurant will be treated to gift bags full of goodies and a plant that expresses the insight of gratitude growing one step at a time.

Jennifer Feuerstein, Director of Marketing, Communications and Development at Gerontology Network, said that Seniors in our community tend to be forgotten and pushed aside. She said that they want to use this fun event to say how much we value them for all they’ve done to pave the way for the rest of us, and to show that West Michigan loves it's Seniors.

Big Boy employees, Gerontology Network staff and Gratitude Growing volunteers will all be in on the surprise, wearing t-shirts, visiting with the older adults and handing out the gifts.

Where will the "blast" be?  It's at 9:30am, today, at the Big Boy Restaurant, 3122 28th St SE Kentwood.

Who loves ya, baby?  We do!