Hundreds of films were released in 2012.  Some made millions.  Some made less.  Much less.

The second lowest grossing film of 2012 was shot in Grand Rapids and around West Michigan.

It made $264.

Scenes from "Playback" were shot around West Michigan including Grand Rapids and Lowell.

"Playback" stars Christian Slater.  Netflix describes the R rated movie:

Harlan Diehl slaughtered his family, capturing the deed on video. When students learning about the case watch the tape, they unleash a powerful evil. They become pawns of the malevolent force that threatens to destroy them and their small town.

The film was only released in one theater, so it's not exactly fair to compare it's box office returns to most other films.  It could make more on video.  Still, $264 is a disappointment for any film. has a complete list of the domestic gross of 2012 films.

Doesn't seem like a box office gold, but the facts that it was shot locally and is easily available to "watch instantly" on Netflix will probably have many West Michigan residents giving it a try.