Here's a feel-good story.

30 senior citizens from The Salvation Army's Senior Program have donated time and money to make 50 quilts for the residents of the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

With cold weather really on its way, these quilts will be much needed by the veterans.  It can be a lonely time, living alone without family, in the veterans home.  These quilts will be giving a lot of love and 'hugs' when they arrive.


Today, Monday, October 15th, is the final quilt tying (the last step in the quilt making process) and the quilt makers will be taking this final step between 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

It all will happen at the Salvation Army Fulton Heights Corps Community Center, 1235 Fulton Street East, here in Grand Rapids.

This would be a good time to visit the Salvation Army and say thanks!