Rich DeVos' fifth book, "Simply Rich," (available April 1 in hardcover, trade paperback and electronic editions) tells the stories of the people and forces that shaped Rich's life. From a father who encouraged him to believe in himself, to the grandfather who showed him ho to make his first sale. Through the stories in the book, he shares the values and principles that he views as responsible for his success.

The book is published by the Howard books division of Simon and Schuster.

Rich DeVos wrote this book in order to share his personal story of faith, hope and perseverance and to help inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. Of the book, he says,

This book is not a full-blown autobiography containing every detail of my life.  Yet it does go into much greater detail than my previous books and paints a more complete picture of the experiences that have shaped me, been most meaningful in my memory, and taught me important life lessons.  - “Simply Rich: Life and Lessons from the Cofounder of Amway” Copyright © 2014 by Richard DeVos, published by Howard Books, April 2014.

"Simply Rich" contains three sections, titled for three of Rich's most popular and enduring speeches: "Action, Attitude and Atmosphere", Selling America", and Life Enricher".

"Action, Attitude and Atmosphere" capture DeVos' reflections on his upbringing during the Great Depression, and lessons learned from his grandfathers and father that shaped him as a businessman. He recalls his first sale - onions from his grandfather's produce truck - and how his father instilled in him a "can do" attitude and inspired him to encourage millions throughout his lifetime.

"Selling America" details DeVos' commitment to free enterprise and how he and Jay Van Andel took Amway from their homes to a global enterprise. He shares stories of his first business ventures with Jay and how they learned from their failures to create a phenomenally successful business.

"Life Enricher" offers DeVos' insights on his life, faith, family and commitment to improve communities and the world around him.

"Simply Rich" is available locally through Baker Book House and Schuler Books and may be ordered online through,, and

Meet the Author events with Rich DeVos are scheduled for April 14 from 4:30 - 6 p.m. at Schuler Books and May 20 at Baker Book house from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

“Simply Rich” tells the story of the people and forces that shaped DeVos’ life.

Through stories and recollections, DeVos shares the values and principles that he views as responsible for his success. He writes,

Looking back at 88 years of life, I believe one principle rises above the others. People who achieve the highest levels of success are those who place their focus on other people rather than themselves.  I have succeeded only by helping others succeed.

This morning, Rich's son, Doug DeVos (President of Amway) stopped in to talk with Andy Rent about the new book. Listen to that interview here:

Rich DeVos' other titles include "Believe!", "Hope From My Heart", and "Ten Powerful Phrases For Positive People."

Andy Rent and Doug DeVos (Rich DeVos' son and President of Amway)