The flu has not been getting as much attention lately, but little has changed.

Reports of flu-like symptoms remain near the seasonal high in Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Community Health gives weekly updates on reports of the flu across Michigan.  The latest report shows:

  • Total reports in Michigan are down slightly, but remain near the seasonal high.
  • Northern Michigan is having the highest rate of reports of flu-like symptoms in Michigan.
  • The "central" Michigan region (which includes West Michigan) has seen a small rise in reports of flu-like symptoms for four consecutive weeks.
  • Many years, reports of the flu in Michigan peak then quickly fall back down.  This year, the peak seems to be lasting longer than most.  Assuming we've reached the peak.
  • Reports of the flu remain widespread over the entire country, with the southeast part of the country currently experiencing the lowest rate.

Read the entire report from the Michigan Department of Community Health.